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YMCA Exeter provides accommodation for young people needing a varying degree of support. Our Stage 1 accommodation is typically the entry point for young people leaving care or coming out of homelessness, needing the support of a loving community to move forward. At Stage 2, those young people take another step towards independent living, no longer requiring the level of supervision of Stage 1. 

By the time our residents reach Stage 3, the young people have built up the resilience they need to thrive, and YMCA Exeter can reduce its intervention. By Stage 3 the young people are able to demonstrate that they can succeed in their employment or in the educational studies they are undertaking and have become good tenants. YMCA Exeter support maintains regular contact to ensure that, should they hit any setbacks or start to struggle, we can intervene immediately. 

Stage 4 is the next stage beyond this – young people living successfully in their independent accommodation. YMCA Exeter provides opportunities for social activities, educational groups and maintains a healthy ethos and community feel within the block of accommodation. An outreach worker is also on hand to intervene early on if any young person hits a setback or is struggling. 

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